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Using the aria-controls attribute

Posted on November 21st 2014, in Web life.

There are a handful of ARIA1.0 attributes that can be used to indicate relationships between elements, when those relationships can’t be ascertained easily from the DOM. One such attribute is aria-controls.

W3C TPAC: Lightning talks

Posted on November 15th 2014, in Real life.

TPAC is the annual gathering of the W3C. It was held at the Santa Clara Marriott between 27th and 31st October 2014.

Scrambled eggs on toast

Posted on November 11th 2014, in Recipe book.

Breakfast at the weekend can be delightfully indulgent, and sometimes the simple things are the most tempting of all. Throw in some interesting company, a little conversation and this uncomplicated breakfast, and that’s my idea of heaven on a Sunday.

EpicFEL: Making custom widgets accessible with ARIA

Posted on October 4th 2014, in Slide decks.

Epic FrontEnd London is a design and development conference organised by Made By Many. It was held at the Sadler’s Wells theatre, on 4th October 2014. From the conference website: Repurposing HTML elements into custom widgets is common practice on the web, but making your widgets cross-platform and cross-device is another matter. HTML, CSS and […]

Understanding screen reader interaction modes

Posted on September 21st 2014, in Web life.

Traduction française Windows screen readers have multiple modes of interaction, and depending on the task being carried out they’ll automatically switch to the most appropriate mode. This post explains why Windows screen readers behave the way they do, and how your code can influence that behaviour.

FEL: A quick and dirty introduction to ARIA

Posted on August 28th 2014, in Slide decks.

FrontEnd London is a meetup for designers and developers organised by Made By Many. It’s held every month at Made By Many’s offices in London. From the meetup website An introduction to Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) 1.0. ARIA can be used to enhance the accessibility of content created with markup languages like HTML and […]

Barbeque chicken with bacon & cheddar cheese

Posted on July 10th 2014, in Recipe book.

This is a useful mid-week recipe, when you don’t want to be faffing about in the kitchen but you do want something that’s going to perk up your taste-buds.

UXPA London: A Practical Guide to Accessible User Experience (AUX)

Posted on May 15th 2014, in Slide decks.

UXPA London is a meetup for UX practitioners and designers organised by UXPA UK. The Global Accessibility Awareness Day meetup was held at IBM, on 15th May 2014. From the meetup website Accessibility is a natural component of UX, and an essential skill for UX practitioners working in the digital landscape. This guide will look […]

ID24: An Extended Rock n Roll Guide to HTML5 & ARIA

Posted on May 15th 2014, in Slide decks.

Inclusive Design (ID24) is an online conference for designers and developers organised by The Paciello Group (TPG). ID24 for Global Accessibility Awareness Day was held on 15th May 2014. From the conference website Understanding where accessibility fits into the technology stack makes it easier to create robust websites and web applications. In this talk LĂ©onie […]

Thoughts on screen reader detection

Posted on February 27th 2014, in Web life.

The subject of screen reader detection has been under discussion lately. It isn’t something I’m comfortable with, so I’d like to share the reasons why.